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Moving Tips

Make a list
  • Make a list in advance of the items you want to leave behind, donate or take with you.

  • Make a list of everyone you will need to notify of your move; friends, professional, creditors, subscriptions, utilities, etc


Have plenty of supplies
  • Packing paper, bubble wrap, tissue paper or paper towel

  • Tape and tape dispenser

  • Markers for labeling

  • Scissors or nife for cutting

  • Labels or stickers for boxes

  • Notebook, pens, pencils

Utilize wardrobe boxes
  • ​Wardrobe boxes can be purchased to move your hanging clothes. Each box will hold about 2-3 ft of clothing. Upon request,  J's moving of Florida can provide a clothing rack to transport your clothes. It holds approx. 8 ft of clothing.

Packing of boxes
  • Make sure not to over or under pack boxes. Boxes should be firmily packed to avoid shifting of items. At the same time you should avoid overpacking. The lid should easily close without force and should not bend inward.

  • Pack similar items together. Fragile, breakable items should be packed seperate from heavier items.

  • Use paper as a filler between items if needed.

  • As you fill each box label and list the contents on the box.

  • Label "FRAGILE"  or "THIS END UP" as needed

  • A special mark such as a "1" or "A" may be used for boxes you would like to unpack first.

  • Indicate which room each box should be delivered to.


Don't Forget
  • Submit a change of address

  • Arrange special transportation for your pets

  • Notify vehicle registration and Licensing documents

  • Arrange to disconnect/connect utilities

  • Collect important papers

  • Create a floor plan of your new location so you can tell the movers where to place your items



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